A New Year

It’s a new year, and after a break, I’m back to my regular ministry schedule. One of the things about youth street ministry is that you need to be regular and predictable. It seems that while things were closed for the holidays (Christmas on Thursday, New Years on Thursday) and the ministry trailer was taking a break, people missed us and now they are glad we are back!

I’m trying to be very intentional about having conversations about the youths’ spirituality and about the Bible’s message to begin this year. Those we minister to are eager to talk, even if reluctant to change their beliefs.

One young woman who has had a particularly difficult past few weeks (an unexpected and cruel death in her family), responded to my inquiry about spirituality that she believes in God but she’s really mad at him right now. She doesn’t care about him. I told her, face to face, that God still loves her and it’s OK to be mad at God. Later I saw her and wanted to follow up about something. I said, “… and remember…” She cut me off. She said, “Yes, I know. God still loves me.” That wasn’t what I was going to say, but I was delighted that she remembered and wanted to repeat it at this point.

I’m glad she’s off to a new start this year. Let’s hope we all get off to a good start by being reminded of what matters this year.


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