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May 26, 2009

Stepping Out

This blog is dedicated to a friend of mine from the street. He has done an amazing thing. I think it needs to be shared.

“Curt” arrived in Austin about a month ago. He’s a laborer and came to Austin because he was promised a job. He used his last dollars to get here and rent a motel room. When he spoke with the builder, he discovered that the job had been slowed down. He wouldn’t have a job for about a month.
Curt was faced with living on the street. He is older, but he chose to live among the street youth of Austin. He got to know them, was accepted into their community, and simply got along splendidly. Curt doesn’t drink or do drugs, so this was interesting to everyone. He is also a believer, and this piqued some kids interest. Curt was always respective and thank for the help he got. When I needed volunteers for Project Reaching Out, he was delighted to pitch in.
Three weeks went by with no job. Curt was still hanging out on the street but had remained out of trouble. The builder called him and the job was ready to go!
I didn’t expect to see Curt again, but I met him this past weekend. He’s working and got his first paycheck. He’s sharing an apartment now. So what was he doing on the drag? He’s taking the kids he got to know, one by one, to dinner! Now that’s stepping out! Curt has only his paycheck. He’s living month to month, but he’s giving back to those who helped him get through.
I think everyone should know about Curt. A person who had an episode of homelessness but is getting back on his feet. A person who resisted the urge of temptation of drugs and booze. A person who’s faith remains strong to them on the street. A person who depended on handouts but only for three weeks. And now a person who is giving back from his very meager wages.
Truly, Curt is making a sacrifice for his neighbors. An inspiration to us all!