What Am I Supposed To Do?


I have known some street kids for going on 8 years. They had rough lives all, and some of them went to the streets at young ages like 14. All are intelligent and strong and resourceful and flexible. You don't survive on the street without these characteristics. Most have tried just about everything and have managed to survive anyway.

One particular young man is strapping and sports a bushy hairdo. He often drinks and parties but manages to stay safe. He's managed to avoid most all the pitfalls that his life on the street for 8 years has put before him.

However, he grows weary of the street. One particular day he wanted to talk with me. He said, "I don't want to keep living this way. But what am I supposed to do? I don't know any way to live but this one. My family says they are surprised I'm not dead, and they don't want to see me. My only friends are out here… my chosen family. What am I supposed to do?" Tears streamed down is cheeks. "I'm proud of these tears. They are man-tears. But what am I supposed to do?"

Street youth often come to this point. The freedom they first found on the street dissipates. Even though the street may be the best place they have ever been, they being to feel stuck and trapped. They begin to want more from life. And yet there is no easy fix or quick answer.

I'll continue to work with this young man. I pray for him stability, sobriety, a God fearing nature and connection to Christian community. He has none of these now.  I thank God for how he's going to work in this young man's life, and what a blessing he will be to others.

My heart breaks for this young man, but we cannot fix him. Only God can. We want healing and restoration for him, but we can't just make it happen.

"What are WE supposed to do?" What a wise question! What a difficult question. Just the question Jesus would ask… is asking. 

I will explore responses to the question more in next week's blog. But please pray with me, "Lord, what are we supposed to do? We do want healing and restoration for this young man and all our neighbors. Help them all to find hope. Help many to find You. Show us how to be a part of this work in Your kingdom."

— Terry

"To know, love and serve street dependent youth."
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