Sam’s Boots

Needs and prayers answered.

I have known Sam a long time. He’s well known on the Drag. When we met three or four years ago, I would rarely see Sam sober. Although detox was very painful, Sam did it. “If it wasn’t for Terry, I would probably have been dead a long time ago,” he shared in a recent interview. Sam is working now in exchange for a roof over his head and three “squares” a day. It’s a great arrangement. It leaves him with very little free time (probably a good thing). I don’t get to see him much, but that means he’s not hanging out on the Drag — definitely a good thing.

Sam’s girlfriend messaged me on Facebook about possibly getting a pair of steel-toed work boots for Sam. I wrote it into our prayer book and told her I would try. I thought I had some so I went to our storage place. I looked through 8 boxes of shoes–we don’t horde or waste anything, but it takes time to find the right owners for some of our donations. I didn’t find any size 11 boots. I broadcast the need on FaceBook. Nothing.

A couple more weeks passed.  Sam and his girlfriend told me that they still needed the boots. I still didn’t have them. A week later, I went to the storage unit (which is locked) to pick up supplies for Friday outreach. I gathered up what I needed. But as I turned I noticed a pair of work boots sitting on top of the boxes. Sure enough… size 11 and steel-toed and Doc Martens. 

I don’t know how the boots got there, but I was able to deliver them to Sam and his girlfriend this past Monday at our prayer time. I told everyone the story of how I found them. Few had any doubts that it was the result of an answered prayer.

Share your stories of answered prayers.

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