The Meaning of Family

Help us bring street youth into God’s family.


I was interviewing a street youth that I had spent some time with. He appeared on the Drag a few weeks ago; I’ve seen him fairly regularly. Because I wanted to speak with him privately, I asked him to help me carry some things to my truck.


When I asked him if he had family, he said, “No, I have no one.” So I asked a few more questions and I discovered that he did have a mother and a father (living in the area). So when I asked again, he said emphatically, “Family is someone who loves you and cares about you. I don’t have a family.” 


Street youth often feel a complete loss of family. All teens go through a process marked by distancing themselves from their family.  This stance results in an extreme feeling of detachment. It contributes to their daily sense of disorganization, disorientation and maladjustment to societal norms.


At Street Youth Ministry, we yearn to bring them into God’s family and even into church family. Helping street youth find stability, achieve functional sobriety, make their connection with God, and connect with the Christian community.   


We can’t do it alone. We’re praying daily for partnerships with local churches that God is crafting for this work. It’s going to be awesome!


Think about your famiy.  Would you be interested in helping SYM? Check our the volunteer opportunities for both individuals and church groups.


“To know, love and serve street dependent youth.”
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