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March 30, 2012

Hard to Hear

Allowing God in our heart.

I encountered a traveling youth, very rough and hardened.  He came to my rescue in a group of kids who were bashing the idea of God: “I definitely and firmly believe in God,” he said, “but I don’t believe in religion.” Later in the same conversation, he told the group, “I know I’m going to hell. I’ve done too many things.” I interrupted him and said, “You may have done some serious things, but there is always a chance of going to heaven. It’s not too late.”

He looked a little reluctant and then said a little quieter, “Not with what I’ve done.” And then he confessed some terrible things. I looked him in the eye and told him, “Maybe you will go to heaven or maybe to hell, but that will about you and not about God. You can be forgiven even for these things if you make a personal relationship with God.” I thought for a moment I saw a tear form in his eye, but he seemed to push through the moment and it was gone. I know he heard with his ears but I don’t think he heard with his heart. — I am praying for you to understand. No matter how long you’ve turned your back on God and His ways, you can be forgiven when you turn back, face God, and cry out to Him. He loves you no more or less because of what you’d done. I know you heard me, but will you allow your heart to know?

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