Outstanding Prayer Concerns



Today something wonderful happened in prayer time. We went through our usual prayer concert  (http://streetyouth.blogspot.com/2012/02/good-prayer-time.html). And when we got to the part about praying for the Drag community, people started with the usual things. We happily pray for students to be more generous. But one street youth objected and said it was selfish. Another chimed in that students are in debt and many have less than the street youth in terms of money. They all quickly agreed that they would rather have people look up and smile. Take off their earphones and say, “Hi!” than give money. That led to a discussion about how stressful college life can be. And this led to an aha moment for the street youth!


They could begin the change. This is finals week at UT. They agreed to look for students heading to campus and wish them, “Good luck on your tests!” And they agreed to look for students on the way back and ask, “How did it go?” They agreed to offer “Hi! My name is Mike! What’s your’s” to more people. They agreed to give smiles and stop what they are doing to see the students. They agree to stop labeling and stereotyping.


So today’s prayer, is that a movement of kindness will start today and it begin with the street youth!



How can you help in this movement of kindness?

“To know, love and serve street dependent youth.”
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