Talk Time

We had 12 people in our “Talk Time” Monday morning at 11:00am. We discussed what prayer is and then began an exciting prayer concert, modeled after something that was common in 19th century tent revivals in the US.


We began slowly, with short statement about who God is. “God is love. God is… what?” I would coax a statement out of them, repeat and expand it, and then ask the question again. It grew almost into a rhythm. Then we moved into “I am thankful for … what?” And then “Here”s what”s going on with me.” And finally, “I admit… what?” The participation was nearly 100% and the prayer seemed to build up to a crescendo.


Then we prayed, “God, I ask for me that you… what?” Then “God, I ask for us that you… what?” And “God, I ask for this city that you… what?” 


They were brutally honest about their lives and what they wanted. As we closed by praying thanks for how God will have acted in their lives five, ten, twenty, and even fifty years from now, they gave thanks for healing, provision, and the ability to help others who are like them now. Now that”s some sweet prayer that you can join us with!  Join our prayer list.


“To know, love and serve street dependent youth.”
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