Christmas Meaning

How would you explain Christmas?


At a Wash Day, a young client girl, probably about 22, continued to ask for an explanation of Christmas. She had been doing that for about a week now and just wasn’t satisfied with answers she was getting from me and from peers. So I decided to give her the full Gospel answer for Christmas.


God is good and made everything. Every man or woman knows what is right and yet we do something else. As a result God, who is good and just, has to judge us bad. He didn’t want to but it’s who God is…. good, just and judge. Since he is also loving, he sent His son to live here on earth. Jesus was born on a day we commemorate with Christmas. And Jesus lived a good live on earth showing us what God intended. But then Jesus took the bullet for us all, plead guilty even though He’s innocent to all our crimes and took into himself the sins of all who would believe in Him. As a result, we are free from needing to live a good live to avoid God’s judgement if we call on Jesus to take the bullet for us and want to do better. That’s what we celebrate on Christmas! It may not have been Dec 25, but it could be, because if God is who we think He is, He could have allowed us to pick the right date. It’s not because he was born then. The Bible tells us he always existed with God as long as there was creation. It’s because of why He was born. To free from judgement those who would believe in Jesus! Merry Christmas!


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