Three or four times in the same day, I was in the position to explain the Gospel to very broken young clients. One grew up Catholic, with a very tough family and life experience. Another was baptized early in life and now uses heroine on the streets of Austin. Another lives on the street and battles depression, in and out of help centers. All are under 24 and all grew up around churches.


All know and believe in God. All can tell me many things from the Bible. Most of it has been told them by pastors, friends, and family. “One friend keeps her Bible near because it’s her protection. But I asked if she’s read it and she said no.” “God made everything and Jesus came to show us how to live. If we keep trying, we’ll get it right.” “I was taught the Bible is a rulebook for how we need to live to get into heaven.” 


I was able to help them understand the true Gospel secret. Jesus came to free you from judgement. He proved that you could live a good life and that would earn you an eternity with God. But he plead guilty before God for all my crimes and all the crimes of anyone who will believe in Him. Jesus becomes separated from God (“God, my father… why have you abandoned me” were His words on the cross.”) 


As a result, you are free from the rules of the Bible. The rules of the Bible are not how you become a Christian. You become a Christian by knowing His son Jesus and accepting with purpose his present of taking the bullet for you. At that point, you are Free! 


But what are you freed for? God loved you first and pursued you before you ever come to Jesus. You have been freed so you can live the wonderful life God has already planned for you. And as you get to know Jesus and God, you will find that the good life He has prepared for you involves living in a way that obeys all the rules of the Bible. But you’re not doing it to get into heaven, you’re doing it because you’re headed to heaven and it feels right! You are freed from judgement so that you are free to live according to God’s good plans. And that’s why we read the Bible. That’s why we worship God. That’s why we tell Gospel secret to others. Freed for a purpose!

“To know, love and serve street dependent youth.”
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