Gingerbread House 2012



Tish, Jessica, Joshua, James, and Ashley all lived in the house. James was in the attic and Tish was in the basement. All the extra rooms were used for guests, games, and one was a boohoo room from the movie Life.  Magic dust covered the roof, and it brought cheer into the house. The walls are held together with love and understanding. The marshmallows are people that come to admire the house. The marshmallow-rock on the roof fell from space, but it doesn’t affect the occupants so they left it there. Gum drops adorned the roof and the east wall as Christmas lights so that the house can be entered into the trail of lights. They even added a snowman on the roof to contribute to the decorations.  They put up a Christmas tree inside that they decorated with handmade dough ornaments, and they placed a shiny gold star on top.The chimney was multicolored, like Joseph’s coat of many colors. It incited jealousy in all the neighbors, so much so that the chimney maker was sold into slavery. 


Gingerbread House 2010


The occupants played Christmas music on homemade instruments. A leaning tree was planted in the yard by Joshua, so that people would remember him.  The snowman was made into a rabbit-cable antenna so that they could watch TV. Briana built a snowman near the guitar on the front door and he would occasionally play for the occupants. Daniel finished the east wall, started by Tess.


At the end of Christmas, all the candy decorations were eaten by giants from an unknown place. Dawn enlisted smurfs to defend the house from giants. They took up residence on the roof. The logs on the south end were placed there by a wicked witch to attract Hansel and Gretel. 


The pattern acts as camouflage so that people outside cannot distinguish the house from the forest, so that they cannot be busted for taking kids. The kids can see the house because their sense of curiosity leads them into the yard.


Gingerbread House 2012.   Become a volunteer in SYM.

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