Recovering Clients Give Back

We describe our clients are street-dependent. They may depend on the street for one or more things (e.g., housing, economy, self-medication, or friends) but as they get back on their feet they begin to provide for themselves. They find a job and no longer need financial help. They get a place to live and no longer live outside. They seek help and heal and no longer need to self-medicate. They make new friends and no longer solely depend on the street for social support. We call this recovering! And we hear from recovery clients all over the country thanks to texting and FaceBook! We love it!


We were delighted to hear from a recovering client the other day. He responded to one of our posts for a one-of-a-kind item asked for and needed by our clients. We don’t post everything asked for by our clients. We do pray for everything they ask, but we’re not Walmart or a bank. But when they have critical needs, we share them on FaceBook. A recovering client responded.


The recovering client understood what it means to be large and homeless. You never find clothing that can cover you. You wear the same thing week after week until it literally falls off. You can’t wash it unless you have a second one. It’s a real problem.


The recovering client purchase large tee-shirts for our client on eBay and had them shipped. Our clients are no dummies, but there’s a lot of functionality proven by navigating eBay, paying through Paypal, shipping something, etc. We’re really proud of our clients!




And it was a real uplift to our client to understand where the donation came from. And it was a real uplift to our recovering client to give back. And it was a real inspiration to us to be reminded how well recovering clients do!


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