Encouraging Change

A recovery client used our on-line prayer tool to reach out this morning. It’s hard for this client to ask for help but they did in the form of prayer! Very encouraging to be part of her growth.


I contacted the client to find out what was going on. Facebook chat is awesome for keeping in touch with clients, both the type that travel and the type that become more stable and move into housing and away from our ministry on the street. Her concern was a friend who is still unstable. The friend went to jail and that put some worries and pressures on her life. She knew she needed boundaries and that she can’t fix her friend, but she wanted prayers for strength to do what she could. Street youth, when in the thick of things, can’t make decisions like that. Instability is infectious on the street. More encouragement to see how this client has grown! The client put it this way:


“Yeah, I just wish I could pull people off the burning bus with me.  I guess I have to let them decide to get off themselves.”


After reaffirming her decisions and reminding her that she has to stay stable herself to be of any help to her friend, when and IF he chooses to want to get better, we turned to what’s up in her life. She’s still in college. And she shared this exciting news:


“Oh, and I’m not sure you know about this, but we sent in our lease EXTENSION last week, ya know, cuz we managed to finish a whole year lease. So, God is indeed good.”


She and her house-mates all lived on the streets, and we ministered to all of them over the years! A year’s lease is a big milestone. And the ability to renew for another year! Now that’s encouraging!


Our prayer for clients is to see them want and create stability and sobriety in their lives, sometimes for the first time. And we encourage them to see God’s unceasing provision in their life and to reopen the door to faith. And finally we hope to see them join a Christian community. 


The client turned her attention to me as we finished:


“You chose a hard line of work, Terry.” Touched, I replied, “It’s hard, but it’s a joy to see people like you become stable. I can’t wait to see what happens next in your life.” She answered, “To my way of thinking, it seems like for every one kid that does well, you get crapped on by nine more. lol  I’ll keep you apprised of what happens next! And I will send prayers out for the ministry!”


Now that’s encouragement!


Join our prayer team.


“To know, love and serve street dependent youth.”
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