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January 29, 2014

Hoping to see some action to move our “

Hoping to see some action to move our “super food bowl” fundraiser down the field. for Bronco fans or for Seahawk!

January 28, 2014

Celebrate Our Clients’ Achievements

SYM celebrates our clients’ achievements: 

  •  stability
  •  sobriety
  • connecting to GOD

  •  finding faith homes

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January 28, 2014

Clients: Tonight’s low is expected to b

Clients: Tonight’s low is expected to be 24 (it’s 26 now). Lifeworks is closed today (no meal, no acudetox) but will have shelter tonight for clients under 24. City emergency shelters are open (men & women report to ARCH at 5pm to sleep separately; families report to Salvation Army by 7pm). I will have hot soup at our Bible study today plus cold weather stuff. See me there 11-1; guidance counselling 1-2.

January 26, 2014


What can your clothes donations do?

A simple pair of gloves donated can replace a pair of torn and worn gloves.


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January 23, 2014

We Follow Our Clients!

We are not meaning to be creepy! 

We follow our clients to continue our relationship with them.

We follow our clients through Facebook, or email, or via the telephone. 

We have volunteers who write to our clients. We have written letters to them in jail. 

The volunteers use special stationary that has helpful advice on the back of the stationary for street youth. 

The advice assists them while they are in jail and when they get out of jail.

Here are comments from one of our volunteers:

“What a magnificent testament to the love and persistence of our Christ, to hear from [Tim] during his journey of faith. I know that you did incredible good works in his life when he was living on the streets of Austin, and by the grace of God, it would seem that the seeds you scattered may be growing into something miraculous.

It is definitely remarkable, the complex mosaic of people and experiences the Lord uses to point us toward Him.

I am honored and blessed by the opportunity you have created through SYM, allowing me to play a small part in serving as Christ called us to serve.

I know our Father is going to do more amazing things through [Tim] and through you as you continue to reach out to others on the street.

Thank you for what you do.”

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January 21, 2014

My First Christmas Moment of 2013

A worship moment full of movement, sight, and sound gave me my first Christmas moment last year! 

A dancing liturgist, a young girl, brought in the advent flame, while a beautifully haunting first verse of “O Come Emmanuel” echoed in the sanctuary, sang by a young man. 

The youth choir (Journey) formed in front and was joined by more dancing liturgists–this time mature church ladies, as if to affirm the ceremony–who offered their flame up to God on each chorus’ “Rejoice! Rejoice!” from the youth. 

All crowded to the alter at the final chorus and knelt before the cross. 

To see so many young people knowingly kneeling before a sovereign Lord in the presence of those who have walked with Christ for years brought joy to my heart and tears down my cheeks. There was much that I anticipated and prepared for the Advent. 

Hoping that your journey to Christ-mass last year, was full of rich moments.

Graphics courtesy of: Christian Graphics

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January 19, 2014

A Volunteer Has a Wow Moment!

This message comes from a volunteer at All Saints’ Episcopal Church who was part of the team preparing for our Christmas Party on Dec 20, 2013. 

Jill wrote:

“As you know, we have been reading Anne Lamott’s wonderful book, Help Thanks Wow, Three Essential Prayers.  I know we all have experienced these times and prayers in our lives.  But I just had to share a true WOW moment I recently had at HEB.  

I was in HEB standing in line to check out.  The lady in front of me had her cart filled with 12 – 1 gallon jugs of apple cider.  I couldn’t stand it – I had to ask her what she was going to do with all that apple cider.  She said that it only comes out this time of year so she buys 12 gallons so she can drink one per month – that way it lasts her a long time.  

I said “what if you drink more than one gallon in a month?”  She said she would just be skimpy the next month – kinda like rationing. We both laughed.  She said so many people in the store had said “Well, you’re having a party!”  She told me she doesn’t have parties much anymore.  

As we talked, I just mentioned that we were having a party a week from Friday for 65+ kids.  She was amazed and asked me questions all about the kids  There was true amazement on her face when I told her they were all homeless.  But where do they stay, she asked.  I told her, on the streets.  

Well, she started checking out. When she had paid and had moved her cart, she came back and said, “God bless you and since I bought all of this for myself, may I give you a donation for the kids.”

I said that it wasn’t necessary but she insisted and discretely palmed off a wadded up bill into my hand.  I didn’t look at it and just put it wadded up in the top of my purse.

When I got to my car, still with a grateful smile on my face, I looked at the bill and it was a 50 dollar bill!  

I said, “WOW, THANKS.  God, you are so good!”  I still have a that grin on my face. What grateful joy!”

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January 15, 2014

Hearing from a Retired Traveler Client

I recently got a nice note from a recovering client that is no longer in the Austin area. He gave me permission to share his status. 

I love to do that because I want everyone to know the inspiring stories of our clients!

Hey Terry!

I am doing alright. I stopped traveling, and I went to rehab for my alcohol and heroin addiction. I am in recovery now and have been clean for 4 months. I have a job working at a dog day care in Charlotte, I have a car, and I stay with my brother. I’m going to start school in May or June for my AA then transfer to a four year program. I am going to major in sociology, and my focus is going to be in counseling at-risk-youth and substance abuse counseling.

I hope everything is going well in Austin. If I never said it… Thank you for all the kindness you showed myself and the other travelers.

We love hearing from clients no matter where they are, or how they are doing!


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January 3, 2014

Help us close this fund-raiser: https://

Help us close this fund-raiser: We didn’t get is closed New Year’s Eve but now we have gotten 3 more days to finish it! Who can help out first?