A Letter To My Admin

Thank you note

I wrote this thank you note for my administrative helper the other day. She is a contractor who works to help off-load some of my administrative tasks. But this letter could really be for any supporter, cook, prayer team member, or volunteer. The work you do matters! Have a read.

What you do really matters for SYM

The obvious thing is enabling us to share all those prayer requests with prayer team members. I think it might be the most effective thing we do. But, we are also constantly using the data in our records to communicate with people who follow the ministry, give needed items, support the work financially, and volunteer. So every little bit of the data matters for our clients.

Long term work

This is long term work. I talked with a client yesterday on the Drag who I have known for many years. He is 28 now. He would be best described as a sex maniac; in the past. Now he knows that God does not want that for him, and he has begun to focus on committed relationships. He wants to know Jesus and is asking lots of questions of pastors, friends, and me. Who could have ever guessed such a thing years ago!?

Today and tomorrow

My point is, that the work we do in administration today may support who knows what breakthrough in the future. Maybe one of these people becomes a permanent partner for SYM, becoming our second missionary one day? Or, maybe one of them buys a building for us one day? Or, maybe one of them becomes a dedicated prayer partner, praying for hundreds of street youth over the years?

Whatever you do, 
thank you for doing it 
for God’s Kingdom!

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