Things are Lookin’ Up Winner!

We are proud to announce that a client named Boggs is the first-ever winner of our “Things Are Lookin’ Up!” drawing. 

Boggs got to choose $25 worth of items from Amazon! 

There will be a new winner selected again. Clients are encouraged to enter as often as possible!

Our drawing allows all our clients to enter multiple times in the month. Clients can enter every week in all of these ways:


You can receive this entry card at our weekly prayer time. Turning it back in, with prayer requests from 5 days, is all it takes to enter!


You can receive this entry card at either of our weekly Bible studies, Tuesday 11am or Wednesday 5pm. Return it with one of the things you read, on 5 different days, to enter!


You can receive this card from Terry anytime. Draw or write thank you notes for people in your life, or supporters and volunteers of SYM. We will mail them for you; if needed. To enter, just return your card with the description of three thank yous.


To enter, you just need to give us your workplace and supervisor info. We won’t call unless your entry is the winner. You can get an entry form anytime you see Terry.

These are fun ways to reinforce some of our values and helpful habits that we ask our clients to be open to.

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