Clients Receive City of Austin Award

Street Youth Ministry had 24 clients at a laundry, for an event, when a four or five story scaffolding surrounding a new apartment complex collapsed during the terrible storm in West Campus (24th/San Gabriel) on the evening of April 7. 

Two of our clients, Taz and Thomas, ran into the mess, even as stuff was still falling, to determine what was involved. They discovered that there was a car trapped under the rubble. You couldn’t see it at all. They called out and learned that the people were trapped but OK. They came back and told us to call 911 to tell them about the people trapped in their car.

As we waited, two more clients, Jeremy Cruts and Chris Shirey, decided there wasn’t time to wait for emergency response. There were live cables on the ground in the water, and the scaffolding rubble on the ground was still attached to the third of the scaffolding still on the building. The situation was definitely not stable. 

They went into the rubble of pipes and boards to free the people trapped in their car under all the mess. They brought the four victims, a family badly shaken, back into the laundry with our group to wait for police and ambulance to arrive. All were OK.

Those four clients received the City of Austin Distinguished Service Award.

There was a write up in the university newspaper, The Daily Texan. Read the story here.

A comment to The Daily Texan article posted online:

“Wow, and very true, they showed that heroism and bravery come in many forms, and not everyone on the street is what/who you may think they are about.”

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