A Note From a Client Starting ACC This Semester

We got this via Facebook the other day. Thank you’s and stories of success just don’t get old!

“When I was homeless on the drag, I tried and tried to [get] someone to help me get my TX ID. After approx 5 yrs with no ID, YOU stepped in, introduced me to a lawyer, and I had my ID in less than 2 weeks. You truly are doing good work. I start classes @ACC next week, and I attribute it to YOU, and YOUR belief in every one of your clients/friends!

Keep up the good work!”

Note: We purchase college textbooks for our clients who go to college. They have to do a lot of the legwork and apply for college on their own and apply to our textbook program at http://ift.tt/1sjdxxy.

But it’s a program that works. It has emphasized the importance of textbooks and of academic success to our clients. Most of our clients actually don’t need us to purchase the books after a few semesters. And we give every client the opportunity to pay it forward eventually after they have stabilized a bit, helping other people get free books just like they did. We raise funds for textbooks once a year at back-to-school time.

via Blogger http://ift.tt/YQ2F3n

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