What Happens To Street Youth?

Facebook is so awesome because we can keep up with clients over time. 

Here is one story, from a few years back, we received from a former client.
Hi Terry! 

I wanted to let you know that I made it out alive!! I’ve been doing well for two years now.  I’m beyond lucky and blessed, even on a bad day.

I’m going to school for real estate and working in property management (irony for a former street youth, right?).  Anywho, tell those who remember me thank you, and thank you to you as well. Your work makes a difference.

Question (Terry): What helped you to make it finally? 

Answer (Youth): It was kind of like Forest Gump….I ran and ran and ran, and then I was ready to go home. Guess I am lucky I finally realized everything on my own. I wasn’t ever down a nowhere path though. I was on my own journey of self discovery and am fortunate to have friends that really care and wanted to help me. 

Just happy that places like Street Youth Ministry 
are there to sustain life 
with opportunity and 
help to grow

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