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August 18, 2015

Our Prayer Walks

The “The 5 Love Languages” is a great book for relationships. I was recently reminded by the pastor at Covenant Presbyterian Church that people have prayer languages, too. 

Some prefer silent prayer. Some prefer praying alone and aloud. Some sing. Some dedicate blocks of time and other pray in short stolen moments between tasks. Some pray driving, or running, or meditating.

Our prayer walks are a chance to walk through the neighborhood we serve. We have chosen 8pm on a Wednesday night because is a very quiet time. Most neighbors are gone. The sun is down (but it’s well lit as an urban landscape). The day is done and a new day will come tomorrow. That’s the setting for our prayer walk.

We begin at one partner’s church location. We explain what happens there and how to pray. We’ll ask if anyone wants to pray for the site and activities that will take place there. Then we will walk together along the sidewalks of Guadalupe to a new place.

As we go, we may point out places where people celebrate. Or where people beg. Or where people suffer. Participants will no doubt offer some prayers silently as we answer questions.

We’ll stop at locations important to our clients. Businesses that help out. Businesses that are sometime troublesome. We’ll offer prayers for the neighborhood.

We’ll stop at a place where clients gather in the evening. They will greet us and say hello. They may offer some prayer requests and we can pray with them. We may just have conversation in the calm still evening.

As we walk back to our starting point, we’ll answer questions and make suggestions for continued prayer for the community. It’s a great way to get to know us and what we do.

Sign-up at our Corporate Prayer Walk page.

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