Volunteer News for October

Time to prayerfully consider our blessings!
October was a very busy and productive month, thanks to our volunteers cheerful work and your prayers. Our Saturday Food Recovery Program remains one of the most popular weekly events, but our Computer Lab and Shower Time are where we need more volunteers. We have partnered with Austin Stone and Felicia Fuller to host Wash Night one of the two Tuesdays each month! And let us not forget the Halloween Party provided jointly with Lifeworks. Sorry if you missed it, but the photos are on the website. Check them out HERE.
We will be operating all of November. While we know many people head off to spend Thanksgiving with their families, we invite you to come and spend some time with ours. Prayerfully consider the things you are most thankful for, and see how you can translate that thankfulness into volunteer opportunities for our youth.

During the next 30 days, our greatest in-kind needs are shoes, hoodies, jackets and blanketsClick here for a complete list of items our clients can use.

Love and Light,
Billy Barnes
SYM Volunteer Coordinator

Click here to volunteer!

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