Drop-In Center: what is it, and where will SYM take it?

This is the rest of the “Drop-In Center: what is it, and where will SYM take it?”
This will involve the merging of the Lifeworks “Drop-In” culture with the SYM “Relationship-Based Event” culture. It will be a step-by-step process over the next 24 months:
1. To facilitate this merger, a relationship event will be held every day at 11am in the new space. This is not a come-and-go affair. It is a programmed event with a beginning, middle, and end. Clients who desire to form relationships and build community (as well as have lunch) will have the opportunity to do so during the event.
2. Next, we will transition to a drop-in format from 2 to 6pm. This will be an open time for clients to come and go. Buffet meals will be available at 2 and 5pm.
3. Another critical piece of the transition is the addition of the name Co-op to the Drop-in. This will help the clients understand that they are expected to give back to our community as they receive services. They can give back by helping with setup, cleanup, organization and other tasks. Not all will be able to act as cooperative partners initially, but the message will be that we believe they all need to start moving to that goal.
4. Some unique services of SYM, like access to the Fig Leaf Clothing Closet and the University Presbyterian Church shower facilities, will continue. Other SYM programs like legal support groups and employment support will be fofded into the Drop-In schedule. SYM plans include LifeWorks’ mobile case management staff and group counseling services to continue using the Drop-In location to visit clients and provide services.
5. The transition will open opportunities for additional services and to serve new groups of clients. In January, we will be increasing from four meals per week to providing eight meals per week. We will also be adding a canned food pantry for taking food away when needed. We are forming under an experienced food clinician.

6. Beginning in March, we plan to offer services to Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking victims in partnership with Allies Against Slavery. This will increase the number of clients being served.

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