Rid of K2, and now a fantastic mom

“Amy” began using drugs as a seventh grader, and when her parents
found out, they cracked down hard. She was sent to a special school
but promptly got herself expelled and wound up back home, doing
Cinderella duties amid mounting verbal and physical abuse.

One day
she fled, and her family came after her. “I literally ran through the drag
with all my luggage,” she recalled. Thus began a year of living on the
streets. Pregnant and addicted to K2, she became a Street Youth
Ministry client.

She sought help at a local rehab program, then
managed something we’ve never seen a street youth do – she
convinced them to offer her housing in a sober facility until her baby
arrived. She is now sober, housed, a fantastic mom. She has enrolled in
a child care program with the Texas Workforce Commission and is
currently seeking a job. She attends worship with her sponsor every
week. “I’m a Pentecostal,” she said, “but I go with my Lutheran friend
and we somehow make it work.”

Amy is grateful for all the help God
has sent her way. From the storm came new life!

All our efforts on behalf of street-dependent youth really
center on this one objective: we give them hope they
need to get themselves off the streets. You can help:
Go to donate.StreetYouthMinistry.org

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