Our Volunteers Have Impact

Our volunteers have impact!

In-kind donations for the summer were $42,000 compared to $48,000 the year before. However, we’re in record territory for 2019 thanks go amazing in-kind donors who keep thinking of us when they see food or items we could use that are no longer wanted! We’ve received $130,000 in items so far this year!Over the summer, our volunteers contributed 1,000 hours. That’s a bit down compared to the summer before. But how does it all add to impact? We got to serve 59 new clients this summer (up from the previous summer). Our clients hung out with us 5,000 hours this summer (much bigger than last summer)! All of this amazing stuff lead to 253 goals achieved by our clients over the summer to change their lives! Thank you for being part of our team to keep this going!
Here’s a one-person volunteer job!
Before …
… and after
We are getting the Drop-in Center organized. One of our best volunteer organizers, Lilian Seidel, (shown at right) recently whipped our art room into shape! We have oodles of opportunities for one person!

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