Partner Opportunities During this pandemic

Partner opportunities …

We’re keen to reboot our partner program as soon as we know it’s safe for our clients, staff and volunteers. We anticipate that we’ll make calls sometime in May for the following:

 1. Volunteers who can work at least 8 hours a week alone or in pairs
 2. Groups of 8-10 who can work on the weekend without clients to get us ready to reopen
 3. Two full-time Monday through Friday 9am–5pm summer interns.
 4. Groups who can come to our center for a special two-hour event for clients of high value but limited interaction. (e.g., a social distanced activity like a worship band, individual crafts or special meal).

  We need to know our clients are safe and won’t go through an infection cycle before we can reboot our volunteer program and indoor events. You can call our home team (512 553-3796) to register your interest in any of these once we are able to proceed.

Before the virus!
One of our clients speaks to a group of volunteer youth from Covenant Presbyterian Church, who included SYMin in their annual “Love Austin” community service event. They were the last group that was able to mingle with clients before the coronavirus restrictions took hold. We look forward to group events returning when it’s safe for all. Give our home team a call at 512 553-3796!

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