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April 7, 2015

Drag Prayer Request

Asking people to pray for the Drag. We must have a bad batch of drugs being distributed (a form of “K2-Spice”). While we don’t condone drug abuse, we also don’t want people falling prey to bad drugs that send you to the hospital and even kill.

Remember, there is no need to pray against people who use this or any other drug.  Pray for people. Pray that the substance goes away. 

Here’s a quote from a client who is now several days sober of drugs.

I never wanted to use drugs. I just got trapped.
All I was trying to do was feel normal.

Pray for the clients. 

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April 30, 2009

Hurts of the Heart

I met “Abel” this week. He was with a group of new folks. They were very friendly and all seemed to be having fun, or so it seemed. However, he hung back and then sat down. He obviously was not having fun.

Abel has travelled for some time. However, during that time he found stable work in an profession that he is really gifted and passionate about. He saved money and returned to Texas. However, he’s bringing more back to Texas than a new profession and some money.
While travelling, Able got very addicted to a common street drug. he has overdosed and required medical attention a dozen or more times. The last time was Father’s Day of last year. He stayed clean since then. This is a great achievement for him!
However, Abel wasn’t happy today. He was obviously worried. I asked him to share and he confessed, “I used today. I so pissed at myself. I can’t believe I did this. My girlfriend is going to freak out.” But the fact was he had used, and he was thinking of using again. I assured him that his actions today didn’t take away all that he had accomplished in the last 9 months. “What you choose to do next is critical. Will you use again and again, or will you walk away from it today?” He simply didn’t know the answer to this question.
I asked, “Is faith something that can help you through this?” He stated , “I was raised as an atheist.” I assured him that didn’t matter, “We are all raised as something, but we can become something else.” I asked him if he felt there was any higher power? “I don’t know. I don’t see evidence for anything. Christians are just brainwashed. They say one thing and act another way. There’s the whole anti-gay thing. I just can’t do any of that.” I explained that we all fall short. We all do things we shouldn’t. “The important thing is to make a relationship with the God of Christianity. The rules, ‘do’s‘ and ‘don’ts‘ are only a small part of Christianity. The big part is so want a relationship with the creator of the universe and to accept him as real and personal.” Abel had many concerns and doubts.
I wondered what was going on that had brought Abel to this crisis. “What have you noticed about your feelings? Is something going on?” “My friend overdosed yesterday. A close friend in [another Texas city.] I just can’t deal with it. It has left me feeling like a hole has been ripped out of me.” I told him, “We all have a hole in us. And you’re trying to fill it with [drugs]. Some try to fill it with money, some with other things. But this is where Christianity comes in. You can make a relationship with the God of Christianity and he can fill this void. The evidence you seek for God will be how changed you feel when you let that happen.”
Abel had a lot to think about. He told me honestly that he wanted to feel the rush of [drugs] and that he still desperately wanted to use right now. But maybe he would just go home. I asked if I could pray for him, and he said yes.
I pray that Able fails to find [drugs] today. I pray that Able remains safe today. I pray that Able asks God to fill the hole he finds in his life… to fix the hurt of the emptiness of living without God. I pray that Able will return to me or other Christians able to help him make a connection with Jesus. Amen.
April 16, 2009

Growing Up

I had a wonderful discussion today with a young man named “Brian”. Brian was in a very happy mood. He and I had a nice long visit. 

Brian had been to visit someone in his family recently from whom he was estranged. This was something he had been very anxious about in the past, so overcoming this was a great boost to his sense of being!

Brian is doing many things to straighten out his life, including being a good husband, getting and holding down a job, and staying clean and sober. And he feels great and secure about that!
I asked Brian what equipped him to be making all these changes. He was very quick to answer: “It’s my wife and new family. I’m just growing up.”
I didn’t actually know Brian’s history, so I asked him to describe his life before. “I rode trains. I drank heavily. I grew up in a place where I was heavy into drugs by the time I was a young teenager and that continued for nearly 10 years.” But he grew up. Brian found he had something to live for.
One day Brian woke up to discover that he had grown older. He saw people in their 30’s, 40’s, even 50’s who still acted like he was in his teens. He realized that he didn’t want to be that way. Brian was quick to let me know that he doesn’t want to judge these folks. He knows that they have their reasons for being how they are, but he also knows that he doesn’t want to be that way any more!
I know that Brian had a lot of help growing up. I thank the countless workers who helped him over the course of almost a decade of trouble: social workers, religious workers, strangers who gave him something to eat, people who smiled at him on a bad day, and other street dependent youth who helped him survive. All played a part in keeping Brian alive and well enough to reach the point he is now.
And I pray that myself, other workers, citizens in the cities and towns visited by street youth across America (and beyond) can do this for the many other folks who need it.