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September 9, 2016

Church In Action

Your volunteering shows what the church, in action, REALLY looks like.

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September 3, 2015

Joy Of The Lord

A client today asked me, “Why are you always happy? You must smoke pot every day.” I told him, “I’m not happy every day. But most days I’m joyful. And you already know where it comes from, if you think a minute.” 

He said, “I’m not sure I believe in the joy of the Lord. I did once, but I’m not so sure anymore.” Hopefully he will regain his confidence in what he has always known to be TRUE!

Volunteers also can show the joy of the Lord to our clients. It’s one of the reasons we ask you into the ministry. Please consider accepting our invitation to join us! You’ll be blessed
and be a blessing.

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August 11, 2015

Dog Sitter

Can you be a dog sitter at our Bible study event called “Chillin?”

You will be assigned to watch dogs outside on the garden patio of the Congregational Church. Clients often also sit outside and talk with the dog sitters. All dogs are friendly and in good health. You should be familiar with handling dogs, however, so that you can protect the dogs from any improper approach or handling by others.;

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November 11, 2014

Volunteer From Home Or In Person

Did you know that we at Street Youth Ministry are flexible with our volunteers?

Volunteers wanted at home or at locations.

For some additional information, read here:
Or, email questions to

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September 26, 2014

Invitation From A Volunteer

My wife Rachel and I have been attending Covenant for just over a year.  In our short time at the church, we’ve found amazing community in the 20s/30s group, felt warmly welcomed by members of all ages, and have been challenged by insightful teaching.  An experience that I want to highlight is our time serving with Street Youth Ministry (SYM), coordinated and founded by longtime member Terry Cole.

Rachel and I believe, as many of us do, that active service and involvement is a vital part to practicing our faith.  We try to seek out ministries that reach people and places that are close to God’s heart.  One of the most piercing chapters in the Bible for me is Isaiah 58, where God speaks through the words of the prophet about true fasting – we are called to share food, break the chains of injustice, and clothe the naked… in behalf of the hungry.

These holy tasks are not easy for anyone to shoulder alone.  Understanding who is in need and what the best ways are to help has been a challenge for us, and we prayed for this understanding, though perhaps not expecting that God would answer our prayer in the way He did.

 Isaiah 58″

We were introduced to SYM through a friend in the 20s/30s group, and we were excited to find that it is a ministry that seeks “to know, love, and serve street-dependent youth” in Austin.  This mission far exceeds just a meal or temporary help, it is based on building relationships rather than simply providing services.  Joining in a God-sized mission like this cannot just involve one person or a few people.  It involves a community; it involves churches; it involves all of us and the varying gifts and passions that God has given us.

For just a few Saturdays this summer, Rachel and I were blessed with the opportunity to pick up boxes of donated food and prepare meals for the ministry with Terry for the upcoming week.  In a serviceable kitchen in the basement of a church off of the Drag by UT campus, we gathered on Saturday morning to chop zucchini, blend salsa, improvise fruit salad, and make creative use of whatever sort of food we had.  We played just a small role in this God-sized mission, but having creative fun in the kitchen, serving alongside Terry, and learning about SYM’s mission certainly left an impression on us.

We are moving to a new city and a new job this fall, but before we depart, we want to challenge YOU to play a part in this vital ministry.  It took us almost a year at Covenant before we came across SYM – you may have been at Covenant just a few weeks, or you may be a life-long member, but I want to encourage you to consider serving alongside Terry in knowing, loving, and serving our friends in need.

You may be adept at dicing onions for salsa, or you may have a passion for leading Bible studies?  Perhaps you can share a skill with the clients at the weekly self-care gathering, or maybe you can offer a financial blessing to the ministry. In any capacity you can serve, SYM gratefully receives and faithfully uses the time, talents, and resources with which it has been blessed.  The heart of our Father is zealously passionate for justice, mercy, clothing, food, and shelter for the needy.  Terry and SYM faithfully serve a small corner of the world in need, but the ministry is larger than just a few people – it involves all of us. Will you consider playing a part in serving those in need through SYM?

You can find out more about SYM’s mission and opportunities at

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December 6, 2013

Volunteers Are Always Welcomed

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November 14, 2013

Street Youth Reunited with Guitar

“A talented volunteer from Street Youth Ministry repaired this street-dependent young person’s guitar. I think he’s happy to have it back, don’t you?”

You can watch our videos about the Street Youth Ministry on our Youtube channel.

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September 3, 2013

Why Greeters and Hospitality/Helper Volunteer’s Matter

We ask that every one of our events have at least two greeters or hospitality helpers. Some have wondered why. We’ll try to explain the benefits to our clients by YOU being present for them.
First, we try to get friendly greeters. Your smile and laughter mean a lot to our clients. You taking time to show-up for them speaks volumes. It speaks in a voice and a currency that we alone cannot match. It says, “I took time today to try to get to know you a bit and help you out today.”
Second, you’re a visitor to our event. We run each event weekly and try to make them pretty much the same from week to week so that everyone knows what to expect. We challenge our clients, and it’s not unusual for a first time client to be unable to do everything we offer them the chance to share: prayer, asking about God, talking about Christian experiences, working on options, etc. As a visitor, you often bring a little variety into each event. It’s very welcome and they look forward to who might come today. 
Third, you help our clients with your presence. Everyone acts differently when a visitor comes into their home. The same thing happens at our events. Just by being present, you help everyone give their very best behavior.
Forth, you allow me to focus on clients. Greeters and hospitality helpers focus on the room, the food, getting people settled, requests. Terry is free therefore to focus on how each client is today, giving those who might need more attention, checking in with those we know to be struggling, and encouraging those we know to be gaining ground.
Your role as a helper is crucial. And so is the role of intern. Please prayerfully consider signing-up today. You can pick a spot or you can sign-up to be available for monthly assignments.


“To know, love and serve street dependent youth.”

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August 23, 2013

Generating Excitement

SYM recently was invited to “table” at a Christian ministry fair for incoming freshmen at the University of Texas. We did this last year and it was pretty successful. We did get one or two new volunteers from the effort. This year I set goals of (a) not doing this alone, (b) giving out at least 50 brochures, and obtaining at least 25 emails on our iPAD of people who’d like to be reminded with more information once school starts.
I asked the president of our new student organization at UT, Friends of Street Youth, to help me find a volunteer to do. And I asked a regular volunteer to go around at one of our fellowship events for clients and find two clients willing to help out with the event. So with a couple of people to go with me, a schedule and a plan for the tabling event, we set off.
We quickly setup the table. It looked great. By using an iPAD, we kept things simple. We had a few photos of UT students interacting with clients at events and a call to action: Please share your email address on your iPAD or text it to us to get more information.
There were 200 students at Ignite. They came into the fair in three groups. My volunteers went to work. It was awesome! They did such a great job of quickly explaining what we do and then asking if the student would like to get involved.
I listened to a client tell it this way: “We help 60 to 80 street kids on the edge of UT campus every week. We help them with food, clothing, prayer, Bible study and such.” He would stop to let the student ask for me or say something. “Sounds cool. What do I do?” He would continue, “We need your help with events every day. You just hang out with street youth. It really works. This is me in the picture. And now I’m going to start college on August 23!”
We gave out 139 brochures, far surpassing my goal. And we collected email addresses from 54 freshmen who want to know more about SYM! But the best part came later.
Since I didn’t really have any role at the fair outside of planning and getting the people there, I walked around. I found a group of students bunched together at the end of one of “groups.” One girl was very animated and excited. I could see she had a SYM flyer in her hand. She was telling all her small group how exciting SYM was and how cool it was to see a life transformed. She couldn’t wait to volunteer. I offered the whole group flyers and they all took them. Now that’s excitement!
Come and join us!

“To know, love and serve street dependent youth.”

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August 17, 2013

What a difference!

I was walking on our Friday mini-mission trip with a volunteer talking. I saw someone I thought I recognized about a half-block up. I suggested that the volunteer allow me to approach the person alone because the person I thought I recognized is sometimes very angry.
I couldn’t have been more mistaken about who I saw. The musical 6 foot 8 young man grinned ear to ear and shouted, “Well hello, Terry! I was hoping to see you! You probably don’t remember me, but I’m Jason.” I could hardly believe what I was seeing. 
For you see, it was the same man outwardly, but there was nothing the same about him. He was peaceful, happy, and full of joy. He told me where he had been for the past year or so and why he was traveling and street-dependent again. He gratefully took a few things and bragged about how he tells everyone what great work we do, wherever he goes. And then he said goodbye.
I stopped him and asked about his faith, because I had a hunch. Sure enough, he told me he had hit rock bottom about a year ago and have found a new life in Christ! I asked if I could give him a hug and he grinned ear to ear and dropped his pack to the ground. I once again feared for my safety as he bear-hugged me. Thankfully no ribs were cracked. What a wonderful difference faith makes.
We cannot fix anyone, but faith can cure anything through God. We are so happy to see someone find their way home to Christ’s loving arms.

Supporting our work.

“To know, love and serve street dependent youth.”
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