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November 30, 2014


We had a really good Bible study about thanksgiving last Wednesday. 12 clients really engaged in the discussion.

They decided that thanksgiving happens most frequently when you’re at the “bottom” but have a “ray of hope.” Less so at the bottom without hope, or even when you have it all.

Pretty good insight!

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September 16, 2014

A Note From a Client Starting ACC This Semester

We got this via Facebook the other day. Thank you’s and stories of success just don’t get old!

“When I was homeless on the drag, I tried and tried to [get] someone to help me get my TX ID. After approx 5 yrs with no ID, YOU stepped in, introduced me to a lawyer, and I had my ID in less than 2 weeks. You truly are doing good work. I start classes @ACC next week, and I attribute it to YOU, and YOUR belief in every one of your clients/friends!

Keep up the good work!”

Note: We purchase college textbooks for our clients who go to college. They have to do a lot of the legwork and apply for college on their own and apply to our textbook program at

But it’s a program that works. It has emphasized the importance of textbooks and of academic success to our clients. Most of our clients actually don’t need us to purchase the books after a few semesters. And we give every client the opportunity to pay it forward eventually after they have stabilized a bit, helping other people get free books just like they did. We raise funds for textbooks once a year at back-to-school time.

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April 29, 2014

Express Yourself

A supporter sent these for our clients to better express themselves! 

Many thanks!

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April 22, 2014

A Letter To My Admin

Thank you note

I wrote this thank you note for my administrative helper the other day. She is a contractor who works to help off-load some of my administrative tasks. But this letter could really be for any supporter, cook, prayer team member, or volunteer. The work you do matters! Have a read.

What you do really matters for SYM

The obvious thing is enabling us to share all those prayer requests with prayer team members. I think it might be the most effective thing we do. But, we are also constantly using the data in our records to communicate with people who follow the ministry, give needed items, support the work financially, and volunteer. So every little bit of the data matters for our clients.

Long term work

This is long term work. I talked with a client yesterday on the Drag who I have known for many years. He is 28 now. He would be best described as a sex maniac; in the past. Now he knows that God does not want that for him, and he has begun to focus on committed relationships. He wants to know Jesus and is asking lots of questions of pastors, friends, and me. Who could have ever guessed such a thing years ago!?

Today and tomorrow

My point is, that the work we do in administration today may support who knows what breakthrough in the future. Maybe one of these people becomes a permanent partner for SYM, becoming our second missionary one day? Or, maybe one of them buys a building for us one day? Or, maybe one of them becomes a dedicated prayer partner, praying for hundreds of street youth over the years?

Whatever you do, 
thank you for doing it 
for God’s Kingdom!

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February 18, 2014

3 Things We Are Thankful For

In my personal small group, we agreed to make a list of three things that we are thankful for. We are doing this every day for the next week.  

This made me think of SYM’s weekly prayer time. We ask clients, as one step in our prayer, to complete the sentence,

 “I’m thankful for ________________.”

I asked my group of guys (in my personal small group), what is the most popular response? 

  • It could be to get a beer or a joint. 
  • It could be to have someone be nice to me today or kick me down $10. 
  • Or, it might be to get a house or a car.

But do you know what the most popular response is? 

  • “I’m thankful to be alive.”
  •  “I’m thankful for another day of life.”  

  • “I’m thankful I woke up this morning.”
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Gives one a moment to pause for sure. 

Street youth can teach us a lot if we let them.

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December 6, 2013

Waiting Patiently to Grow

A reflection from this summer.

Last August I was convicted, by a couple of things, that I needed to stop doing ministry alone. First, in a couple of events, I had to give my attention to keeping order and protecting our partner’s building and room; rather than on the needs of a client in trouble. 

I balanced my duties as best I could, but my client suffered; in that I couldn’t give them the best that I could. Then I listened to several sermons on the Global Leadership Summit on sharing ministry load. The sermons were so compelling that I went home a broken spirit. I was failing to share the load and the ministry was suffering as a result. Fortunately, God pumped me up again, for the second day of the GLS and the message was very encouraging. So, I committed.

Right after that, we lost two rooms for our planned indoor events. Remodeling, or simply the message, “it would be better if you met somewhere else”, were the reasons. I tried to find solutions before shutting down the events, but I failed. I talked with every church partner we have and many new ones. After three weeks, I was nowhere. So, we shut down our events and began to wait. In fact, I went away on a retreat to Guatemala.

When I returned from the retreat in Guatemala, God had been working on the problem, because we now have offers to use at least 5 rooms in the week. Awesome, or so I thought. However, there were no established volunteers at any of the new times. How hard could it be, I asked myself.

I started calling, emailing, and messaging. I committed to finding about 12 helpers for each of the time slots, one for scheduling, and two as co-facilitators to step in on occasion. After several weeks, I was pretty frustrated. I literally have added one available name to the list for the first event I wanted to start; our Bible study on Tuesday from 11am to 1pm.

I was tempted to cheat. And God really is sending messages about how many people want our Bible study to start. I got asked every day by clients if I’ve found a place yet. In an alleyway, a young kid called me over to confess his fear of addiction, even as he experiments with hard drugs. Faith isn’t a resource for him, but he told me he would come to a Bible study if I held one. The same day, in that same alley, a young man spoke to me a memorized Islamic prayer and asked me if I would teach him about Christianity. My heart was breaking that we didn’t have our Bible study. I was so tempted to cheat. But that would be cheating our clients. They deserve me and a couple of helpers; so that everyone would get the attention they need.

I awoke Wednesday morning realizing that I needed to switch my prayer meeting with other ministry leaders; to that morning. I hurried to get there. The topic that day was praise and thanks. 
I offered my thanks:  

  • for the many locations we had,
  • for the clients who want to study the Bible, 
  • and for the reason that God had already solved our volunteer problems (even if I was frustrated by waiting).

At the end of the prayer time, the young minister who had sat next to me, told me that his group had been convicted this year by not having a homeless ministry. And he now plans to work with me to staff our Tuesday Bible study, including the co-leaders, scheduling and helpers!

So, I patiently and expectantly wait. In faith. And with great expectation of what it may be like.

We will open:

  • a Wednesday Bible study 2pm to 3:30pm, 
  • a Thursday clothing closet 2pm to 4pm, 
  • a Friday job club 11am to 1pm and perhaps even more.  

God IS good. And the right answers are worth waiting for. 

Note: we have been successful with starting our Bible study.

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