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December 4, 2018

Turkey Grab

‘Turkey Grab’
 was a hit, so
 we’ll do it again! 

“It’s my first Thanksgiving, and the first time my mom and dad have ever had a home at Thanksgiving! So cool! And I’m so cute!”

We provide turkeys for clients who are housed, and they provide Thanksgiving dinners for those who are not.

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November 30, 2014


We had a really good Bible study about thanksgiving last Wednesday. 12 clients really engaged in the discussion.

They decided that thanksgiving happens most frequently when you’re at the “bottom” but have a “ray of hope.” Less so at the bottom without hope, or even when you have it all.

Pretty good insight!

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November 27, 2008

Thankful for Grace

Today is Thanksgiving. I am taking a holiday from ministry until Monday. However, as I thought about thankfulness, this story came to my mind from this past Monday…

Mark was sitting on the bench of the trailer when I went in. He was an older man, rough and rugged looking, but very thin and slight. He smiled but didn’t say much to me. He followed the conversations but didn’t tell any stories of his own. When it was time for him to go, he asked for prayers. Everyone else was working to clean the trailer at closing time, so I asked Mark to step outside. I asked him what he would like me to pray for. He answered that his children needed prayer. One was about to lose his home. One was about to have a baby. And one was not in touch. He asked that the parents-to-be would be a better parent than he had been to his children. I asked Mark if he was Christian, and he responded yes without hesitation. I asked if his kids were Christian, and he confirmed they were. So I laid hands on Mark, and he grabbed my hand as I prayed. I first prayed as he had asked me to, but I was overcome with the need to pray for Mark to forgive himself and to receive healing. As I prayed about how Jesus has forgiven Mark of his troubled past as a parent, he began to cry openly. I prayed for reunification within his family, for strength and protection, and most of all for forgiveness and healing between them all — grace enough to cover them all. We finished and he gave me a big hug.
I heard yesterday that his daughter unexpectedly called Mark and that he is on his way to see her!
I am thankful on this Thanksgiving Day for the grace of God, the sacrifice of Jesus, and the gift of the Holy Spirit — they are all that separate us from disaster. And they are what brings joy into our lives, making it more than survival but true living.