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April 7, 2009

Thank You Volunteers!


“Joe” gives his enthusiastic thumbs-up for a snack bag prepared lovingly by a Street Youth volunteer!

It has been a month now that I launched the Friday volunteer effort. Every Friday I head to the street one more time. But this time, I am armed with sandwiches and snack bags from volunteers!

Normally I work in an environment where kids come to me, either at the Lifeworks Drop-in Center or at the ministry trailer of Cream and Sugar. These are great because the youth have made the choice to come there. However, by going on outreach on the street, I can meet new people and people unable or unwilling to go to these two places. While I often meet resistance from some who give me a hard time about being a Christian (and sometimes under an influence), I also meet people who are receptive and interested in learning more.

If you want to volunteer, please click on the “Volunteer” or “Give” links at the upper right of this blog.

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